Now with a beautiful daughter

[Weak people now ask for beer and alcohol is not” reminded me of HERO kimutaku starred in Fuji TV aired the other day, there was such talk.

I know, anyway… cum there and then and this seems to be, first, a toast with beer will.? What is the words that flow from it.

In ogni my Ikebukuro deriheru, this store manager I love that ‘ good enough ‘.

On how to separate the good bad man who put the infinitely anyway?, located in the center of the ‘nice guy’ line type of person, but I don’t know, this industry-specific promotions, too.

And the light I.

And occupied my daughter wanted to nominate when you call for an appointment to.

And ‘ easy no–, is the difference between the touch. Really, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ‘ repeatedly the or and I think, changing the voice suddenly “but for the time being it is 00 Chan I look? Appointment cancellation was free! One daughter is! “I, gotta ‘now’ is highly recommended if you look!

‘ Already tight japanese girls boobs do, may play and the other daughter, bored I got, I play this daughter and ‘, also for the time being.

So I see it, anyway japanese girls ‘ in.

, Was more than one form.